It was bad.

Tuesday things got ugly around here.

Really ugly.

The day started with waking Gabe up early for his monthly Synergist shots and went down hill from there.

Crabby kids, crabby mom.

An impossibly long to do list and fringed nerves.

We had a big check from DFCS delayed...AGAIN.

I worked all day but seemed to get nothing done.

Gabriel refused to nap.

I yelled.

A lot.

No really, A LOT.

And every time I yelled I thought, "Oh sweet Lord.  I'm scarring my kids for life."

But then one would sass or dump an entire bottle of baby powder on the freshly vacuumed floor and I'd lose my ever loving mind again.

I even attempted to put myself in time out back in my room but the children did not heed my warnings to please give Mommy some space.

I went to bed feeling like a contender for The Worst Mom In The World prize.

That's when I decided that Wednesday would belong to them.

No chores, no emails.

And since Gabriel is too young to state his opinion in any understandable fashion, I looked to Josie for the days plan.

It was glorious.  Perfect.  Needed.

Really needed.

I think I redeemed myself and have been eliminated from that Worst Mom In The World competition.


Anonymous said...

Lucky it was just a day for you....I've been having a month...or two :) lol
Love, Amy King

Sarah said...

Praise God for new days...and amnesia, and the grace our kids give us when we mess up! How wonderful to fill them up with all of you for a day just for them!

Beth said...

I've been there too. Too many times! But that is the best medicine. I've probably told you this but I don't remember my mom ever having a day like that...and you know she did! I just remember all the good days:)