Gone Buggy!

Here's the Birthday Girl! All Bugged Out!Ok everyone, prepare for some serious photo overload!

I tried to narrow it down to a few shots from the day, but Tiffany took such amazing pictures that made the party look so good, I just have to show them all!I had planned to use red fabric and accent with a runner of the polk a dots to match Josie's outfit, but my budget ran out. So I used scraps that I had. I loved the colors together!
The bug cupcakes turned out amazing!
I woke up extra early to finish the frosting, but they ended up going really quick. I love that they were unique and the kids loved them!

I put them on cutouts of leaves and flowers.
And we had plain cupcakes too! I ate 3 of the chocolate ones. Opps!Everyone loved the cookies too.
We ended up not having as many people as we thought we were going to so Josie took the leftover cookies to church today for her little friends in her class. Instead of doing goodie bags I made bugs out of socks and felt. These were a "no-sew" project that went really fast too. I think they turned out super cute.I put a bunch of Josie's baby pictures on the mantle. I even brought out the few that we got from the foster family she was with the first few months of her life. Nobody had seen those, so that was fun!And what's a party without a bunch of sweet friends?!?
Big E's Big Blue Eyes could melt the coldest heart!And Little E was snug as a bug in a rug.I could eat these two up! I love listening them talk to each other like they are saying real words!Luke!
All those guys are great friends.
But I'm her BEST friend!After some fun play time, we headed in to sing to the birthday girl.
She was a little shy. But it was too nice outside to stay in, so back out we went.
Yes, there is a serious lack of girls in Josie's entourage.
Keelin came over after the party was over and we're hoping Baby Mabes is a girl.
Not to mention that Baby Matalie will be here in the blink of an eye, hopefully AFTER we get back from Arizona!These girls keep me sane! Man, do I love them (Ean too!)!Then back inside for presents!
Josie got a ton of great stuff! She had plenty of help opening everything!Dora undies!
Speaking of undies, Josie went poopy and pee peed on the potty during her party! She is doing so great with potty training!She even got a new ride!I just realized that we didn't get any pictures of the Daddy's! But they were there!
It was a perfect party!
The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time.
Josie is one lucky little girl to be loved by so many people.

Her actual birthday is Wednesday so we'll be celebrating that in Arizona. Then she has party number 3 next Monday. I'm pretty sure she's going to think her birthday is the whole month!

I'm going to go pass out now and thank the Lord that I don't have to get up early for work tomorrow!


Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) said...

I love it!! What a fun theme for a little party - I might have to borrow it for Jack's upcoming party in March - the bug theme is just so springy and Lord knows we need spring here!!

Kameron said...

The party was a success! She looked so cute. Good job on her outfit, mama!!

Betsy said...

Looks like a great time...I bet she had a ball. Happy Birthday to her!

bri said...

looks like it all went well!!! Doesn't it feel nice to know that after that LONG weekend that you don't have to turn in for an appearance today!!! JAMMIES AS LONG AS YOU WANT! HAhaha

Blessings.. have fun with your little but ALL DAY today!

Brooke said...

You did an awesome, awesome job! The theme looked so nice. It looks like it was a complete success!

I planned to make a little banner like the one you had on your mantle (had seen it on another blog), and I like yours better! Did you do the lettering yourself? Basically, I need all your tips and tricks because I have 2 birthday parties coming up very, very soon for T!

Oh, and great job on the potty training front! T is throwing a fit any time I suggest she go, so I decided not to push it anymore and will try again in a month or so.

Lani said...

You out did yourself!!! Adorable!!! i am so glad that Josie had such a great time (and way to go on the potty!!! We are SOOO not there yet!)

The bug cupcakes are so cute they are making me hungry!

Have a great trip to AZ, we are going there in a week and a half!!

Crystal said...

You planned an adorable party! Glad it went so well! The cupcakes (and Josie!!!) were so cute!

Mel said...

Hi! What a great party! I clicked on your link from Kelly's Korner when I saw the bug party theme...my daughter is requesting a lady bug party for her 3rd birthday next month. Did you make Josie's outfit? Was it difficult or something this not crafty mommy can handle :)
I love the name Josie by the way!

Family American Style. said...

Great Ideas. It looks like they had a blast.

Nancy said...

You are so creative!!! Those cupcakes are so cute and OH MY those cute bugs that you made from socks are incredible! GREAT JOB!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Thanks so much for joining the Celebration Party! This is simply an adorable party {every single detail is super cute!} Love the cupcakes - so creative! Thanks for sharing - You did a fabulous job!

Kids Matter said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I love this party idea and I have linked to it from our blog at www.kidsmatter1.blogspot.com. On 5/24/10 we are doing a post on affordable birthdays.