Wrapped Up In You

A year ago, we were at the beach.

Celebrating our Anniversary.

Watching Josie conquer the Ocean.

Playing Dominos with The Mabrey's.

Taking Old Baby for walks on the beach and Josie to see Toy Story 3.

And then, my phone rang.

And the rush to rent a car and pack our bags and rearrange our entire lives began.

Because we had someone waiting for us.

So we drove 8 hours, from Myrtle Beach to Thomaston, and picked up our Sweet Baby Boy.

Yup, it's been a year already.

A year of Fat Kid Laughs, Mischevious Grins, and Baby Snuggles.

A year of DFACS Meetings, Court Dates, and Birth Parent Visits.

A year of being totally wrapped up in him.

Josie's Best Friend from his first morning home.

Andrew's Little Man

And my Little Stud.

We didn't even know we were missing him, but we were.

Our family just wouldn't make sense without him.

It's been a year since Baby Gabe casually came on the scene.  Wrapping all of us around his chubby little fingers and making his place known.

He's come a long way this past year.  From a grey, wheezing newborn to a healthy, rowdy toddler.

And we are so, SO very proud of him!

Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Gabriel! 


miamihoney said...

Aww, Happy Gotcha Day Gabe!! I am sure this yr has flown by and the love has grown more than you could have ever imagined.

MyLinda said...

What a great reason to cut your vacation short!! We were just in Myrtle Beach last week and would have LOVED to have gotten a call that we had to come home because little ones were waiting for us!

Happy Gotcha Day!

Beth said...

Happy gotcha day Gabe!

kimmer said...

Happy, Happy Gottcha Day, Baby Boy! You got my heart from Day 1!