Hi There

Some how this past week just ran away from me!

I didn't break out my Usually Attached To My Hand Camera at all.  

And no pictures equals no posts.

Luckily I did break out my camera phone so I do have some eye candy for you.

We've had a busy week and lots of exciting things going on.

Anniversaries, Gotcha Days, VBS, and lots of Family Time.

Andrew successfully taught Josie how to swim in four 15 minute lessons.

The man should start a Swimming School.

She is now Floatie Free and diving like a pro.  Swimming with her face in, with perfect 4 year old form.

no Josie's were injured in the shooting of this picture

VBS done kicked my hiney and then we followed it up with a photoshoot for Mattie Fran Designs.

My Amers is doing awesome making these hair bands and necklaces and needed to update her site.  I can't wait to see the pictures Kelsey Nichols Photography got.  

If you want an insane deal on some original accessories head over and show the girl some love.

And while you're out checking her out, go check ME out at Everything Great!

I get to be one of three featured Bloggers on the new Great Clips venture and I'm super excited!

And you should be too, because I just found out that I'm going to be having some really awesome products to give away really soon!

I'm also helping The Grand Gourmet with their new site and blog AND just interviewed for an amazing position with Adoption Discovery.

It's a total work from home job and I am way qualified for it.

Plus, it's helping people navigate through adoptions!  Seriously?!?!  Dream Job.

Not to mention it's only 10 hours a week so I can still spend lots of time tanning and shopping... I mean, cleaning and rubbing Andrew's feet.

Amber and I got our hairs did this week too.  

We bond over our prematurely grey hair.

Ms. Jennifer makes house calls which is perfect for those days we need pampering but there are no sitters to be found.

And speaking of Amber, she is a genius.  

I tell her my grand plans and she makes them a reality.

Like my photo wall that I couldn't figure out for the life of me.

It's perfect.  

She also turned my otttoman and magically transformed my cramped, awkward living room into my favorite spot in the house.

And just wait until she reveals her new entry way.  Oh boy, you're going to freak.

In other HAPPY NEWS, our caseworker surprised us by having us sign all our Intent To Adopt Paperwork on Wednesday!

They seem to have zero concern about the TPR being granted on the 15th.  

So we are getting the conversion from Foster Home to Adoptive Home out of the way and after TPR, Gabe should be stuck with us pretty quick.

Although after learning what it truely means to be a Little Brother, he may want to request a transfer far away from all Princess Loving Dress Up Sisters.

Oh, he was so so sad.

Don't worry, I freed him.

After I got a good picture and texted it to the masses of course.

And lastly, Andrew is taking a little hiatus from school.

It was getting to be so crazy that we decided it was best for the family if we put it on hold for just a little bit and focus on spending time together.

In our 9 years of marriage, 11 years together, Andrew has never not been doing at least 5 huge projects. 

Ministry, starting companies, counseling, work, school.

The man likes to stay busy.

So this new slow pace is taking some getting used to for all of us, but having him home more is having hugely positive effects on all of us.

And Gabe likes to eat.

Sorry Buddy, that bites not for you.

So there's an Iphone Pic Catch Up.

I have to scoot now, we have a Gotcha Day Celebration in a couple hours which requires a run to DQ for some ice cream cake!

See you all next week!


Amy said...

I am so getting the picture of Gabe all dolled up blown up and I am sticking it next to my one that I have of his alligator grin and saving it for rainy days when I need a good laugh. Love, love, LOVE my sweet boy! Almost as much as I love his momma....ok maybe a little more :)

Beth said...

Wow lots of stuff going on for you! Is adoption discovery a class that can be offered at churches? Sounds amazing!

Linda Z said...

Yay for Josie swimming, and what fantastic news about Gabe! Sounds like an amazing week! :)