Gotcha Days are one of my all time favorite things to celebrate around here.

Few things remind me of God's Great Plan more then remembering the day He dropped each of my babies on my back porch.

Well, technically God dropped Gabe at an Interim Foster Home and we snatched him up from there, but you know what I mean!

One year home with us.

He's been uber grumpy lately so we almost skipped the celebration.  But then we decided parties are more for us then the kids so we went for it and just put him to bed when he'd had all the fun he could take.

Since it was thrown together so last minute, a lot of friends couldn't make it.  We missed them all, but had a fun night.

Swimming, hot dogs, and my personal favorite, Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.

This was the manliest cake I could find.

Gabe made it til cake time but, as you can see, hit the sack immediately after.

What a party pooper.

We seriously have the greatest friends ever.

I had to laugh reading their statuses talking about "celebrating our baby's Gotcha Day."

Gabe has become a community baby.

All of them are praying just as hard and love him just as much as we do.

They are so supportive and we love getting to share our Gabey with them!

And if any of them would like to come take this Grouch home, I'd be more then willing to share!


Anonymous said...

he is a Pope through and through!!
((I'll try that website- and I welcome an Oprah pick that I can enjoy!))

kimmer said...

He's not grouchy...he's just tired! (That is what G. Norma Always said if you or Aaron were one tiny bit crabby! HaHa! Big huge love from MaeMae and Opa!