Alphabet Summer 2011

This week we are starting up Alphabet Summer and I am really excited!

Last year was our first attempt but a little surprise house guest put a kink in our agenda.

This isn't my idea.  I read about it on a blog last year and thought it was an awesome way to do some reinforcement with letters over the Summer.

Basically, you do a fun activity for each letter then practice writing or reading skills for that letter.

I used a smaller version of my favorite composition books from The School Box and fancied it up a bit. 

I'm going to let her decorate it with stickers for every day she completes.

I made our activities fun, but easy.

I know that our days are going to be filled with swimming and friends so I didn't want it to bog us down.  

Last week, Josie swam for about 8 hours a day (and has the water blisters to prove it) and started begging Andrew to get in with her the second he got home from work. 

I'm thinking that the first hour he is home will be a good time to try to do most activities.  That way maybe he can get a moments peace and Josie can have some dry time.

I put each letter on it's own page.

Before we do the activity, she has to tell me the sound the letter makes, tell me a few words that start with that letter, then practice writing it.  

Then we will do the activity and after that she will draw a picture of what we did and narrate to me what we did.

I think this is going to be fun for her!  

Here's the list of what I have planned for each letter.

A - Airplanes (paper airplanes w/ Daddy)
B - Blueberry Picking Day
C - Camping
D - Donut Date
E - Egg Drop
F - Flip Flops (decorate flip flops)
G - Gumball Machine Art
H - Hopscotch
I - Ice Cream (make at home)
J - Jello Jigglers
K - 
L - Lemonade
M - Make Marshmellows
N - Noah's Ark
O - Outdoor Movie
P - Parade
Q - 
R - Rainbow Windcatcher
S - Silly String Fight 
T - Tornado In A Bottle
U - 
V - Volcanos
W - Water Balloons
X - eXplorer Walk
Y - Yellow River Game Ranch
Z - buZZZZ (Bee Art)

As you can tell, I still can't think of something for every letter!  Feel free to send me some ideas or Josie may think there are only 22 letters in the alphabet!


Sarah said...

For K you can make little paper kites or go fly a kite outside.

Q - you can do quilt art by drawing a grid pattern on a large piece of paper and letting her decorate each square with a different pattern, or you could make a doll quilt together.

U - if you can find a light colored umbrella you can decorate it with fabric paint.

Donovan Doins said...

How about quilting for Q. Use fabric scraps and have her peice them together on paper.
Kites for K - popsicle sticks and craft paper, string and bows. (If you get a windy day you could fly a kite.)
I am stumped for U sorry.

Gina said...

K- kites ... I love kites :) or somethig with the Kitchen.
U-- under the sea ,, universe,
Q- quilts, queens,
just some ideas :)

Beth said...

Q quiet- take a long nap:)
Sorry, it's all I can think of right now.
Glad to catch up with your blog, I missed it during vacation

Linda Z said...

I like your ideas! What a fun summer you'll have! :)

K- kites are great... or how about a game of kickball or how far you can drop kick a ball?

Q- quick and slow... the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

U-UP! watch the movie, let balloons go, up and down opposites

Heather Benza said...

You need to make a Quilt for Q of course!! This is a fun idea I think we might try it.

Megan said...

Hi there! We're doing an Alphabet Summer again this year too. I found you via Google and will check it your blog out for ideas and inspiration...here's mine in case you want to do the same. All best.