Art Books

Last Spring, I found these books at the School Supply Store and fell in love with them.

I instantly thought of a ton of uses for them and at only $3.99, I knew they were a steal.

Since Josie isn't writing yet, a lot of my ideas are on hold.  But I did buy one for an Art Book.

Every month I have Josie sit down and paint or color one page of the book.

She can draw anything she wants.

Josie isn't very, how shall I say, percise with her pictures.  She pretty much scribbles and when she is done she tells me what it is.

I'm planning on starting a new book every school year.

The "Turtle On The Sun" is my personal favorite.  It was the first time she made an animal that somewhat resembled the real thing.

Oh, the girl keeps me laughing!

This also keeps me from feeling guilty for throwing out the other 2 billion scribbles she makes every month!

I can't wait to look back at these in 10 years and see how her skills improve.

Unless she's anything like me, then this might be as good as it gets!


Kayla said...

What a great idea! I can already think of so many other cool uses for that, too! When I'm planning lesson plans and units I am OBSESSED with portfolios or anything that shows kids their progress over time. Not to mention, they are cool things to keep and look back on. One day Josie will be sharing that little art book with her own kids! You're such an awesome mom!

Anonymous said...

love the turtle!!

Kaia said...

Lol, that is so cool! Great idea!