Birdie And Peanut

I met Tate at Josie's first photo shoot.

She's one of those people that you automatically like, an instant friend.

I was so excited when she offered to teach Amber and I how to actually use our cameras and over the moon excited when she asked if she could use Josie's curly head for a shoot she was doing for some hair accesories.

Birdie And Peanut is just as sweet at Tate and I'm pretty sure you'll automatically like them too!

Check them out on Facebook.

And check Josie out right here...

And you may have noticed my personal favorite over on my sidebar:

That's her Blue Steel (Zoolander, anyone?!?!) and it's awesome!

I even got to get in on the action!

I'm nowhere as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it.  I suddenly realized why JK and Gabe run when I break out my camera!

Thank you for the AMAZING pictures Tate!  You're a Rock Star!


Jessica said...

You have one beautiful little girl! Love the pics!

Crystal said...

These are gorgeous! Love, love. love the first one! What I wouldn't do for that hair....