Alphabet Summer

Josie and I have been seriously slackers in the school department these last few weeks. I thought about just stopping until the Fall, but Josie stills wakes up asking if we are doing any projects today, so I thought I'd better come up with something.

Eventually, we will have curriculum to follow, but since Josie is only 3, "school" is really just a few structured games and crafts. Andrew and I plan to Homeschool two or three days a week year round instead of taking a Summer Break every year. And since she is learning so fast, we figured now is as good a time as any to start our year round approach.

My type A personality needed a plan so I started my search. My only requirement is that our Summer schedule had to be relaxed, it had to be fun, and it had to be portable.

When I saw Alphabet Summer on J&A and Co. I knew it was perfect!


I improvised her plan just a bit. This is our folder.

Each letter has a tracing worksheet. Behind that is a blank sheet of paper to draw a picture of what we do. Every Tuesday and Friday we will go over a letter, draw a picture, and do an activity that starts with that letter.

2009 227

I found our worksheets at DLTK Kids

I'm not doing the letters in any order. I just planned it out based on when we could do each activity.

Here is our list of activites:

  • A - Paper Airplanes
  • B - Pick Blueberries
  • C - Cupcakes and Camping
  • D - Make Donuts
  • E - Egg Painting
  • F - Go Fishing
  • G - Grandparents Day (make cards)
  • H - Hop Scotch
  • I - Make Ice Cream
  • J - Jello Jigglers
  • K - Kitchen Wash (wash dishes)
  • L - Lemonade
  • M - Movie Night with M&M's
  • N - Visit Noah's Ark
  • O - ???
  • P - Picnic
  • Q - Felt Quilt
  • R - Follow a Recipe
  • S - Sprinkler Party
  • T - Tea Party
  • U - Unicorn Book
  • V - Volcanos
  • W - Watermelon
  • X - ???
  • Y - Paint With Yarn
  • Z - Zoo

Josie can already recognize all the letters, so we are going to use the Summer to work on learning the sounds they each make and start learning to write them.

I am excited for this. Especially since none of it is very time consuming and it is so portable. We have a few trips planned for this Summer and I am going to be able to just bring what we need with us and we won't get off schedule.

We started yesterday with I and making Ice Cream! Of course, I'll be blogging our Alphabet Summer!


Cunz Family said...

For "X" maybe visit an eXhibit?? Is there a museum close to you?

For "O" maybe something with oranges....maybe teach her how to make real OJ by juicing oranges??

Just a quick thought that came to mind :)

Anonymous said...

For X you could have a treasure hunt & make a map.

X marks the spot!