Look Who Stopped By


One of my all time top wishes is that my Mom lived closed enough to just drop by whenever.

But those pesky 1200 miles seem to keep getting in the way.

2009 216

Lucky for us, she's a flight attendant and sometimes gets long layovers in Atlanta.

Josie and I are always up for a quick 24 hour visit from Mae Mae.

2009 217

I'm pretty sure Josie did not stop talking that entire 24 hours. Poor Mae Mae had just gotten off a 15 hour flight!

She's such a good sport!

We packed in a nice dinner, pedicures, tea parties, a few games of bingo and hungry hippos, and quite a few funny quotes from Josie.


Thanks for the awesome sleepover Mae Mae! Hurry back!


kimmer said...

Oh, how I love this little ballerina!!! I would travel across the world to see her. Oh, that's right...I just did! Thank you, Nicole, for your wonderful friendship and love. You are awesome!