Gabriel - 10 Months

My Big Fat Baby is almost ONE!

(Pretty sure this is a poop face)

I'm not sure where my brain has been but it just hit me that we need to throw a little shindig for him soon! 

You all know how I love a good birthday party!

He is still the happiest baby I know.  He plays with whatever is in front of him and loves to watch Josie.

His hair is coming in fast.  I have a feeling I will have two friz heads very shortly.  His curls are just too cute to cut off!

He is now mobile and getting faster everyday!  His favorite mode of transportation?

Army Crawl!

He looks like a wounded soilder.

And boy oh boy, is he ever mischevious already! 

Poor Darlene's potted plants don't stand a chance and I'm a little more then nervous about putting our tree up on Sunday!

Can't you just hear him thinking about how to knock over Amber's tree??

He can say Mama and Dada but not too us yet.  And he babbles nonstop. 

Which does not surprise me since he spends his days with Josie and me!

On the DFACS side of things not much has changed since my last rant.

Baby Mama still doesn't have a job and is now living with a bunch of friends.  Baby Daddy is still in jail and will be facing drug charges in December.  His probabtion will be revoked and he will be headed back to prison for 2 - 3 years.

We go to court next Tuesday and while we pretty much know exactly what is going to happen, we covet your prayers.  I desperately want her to sign her rights over by the end of the year.

It's not very likely, but I figure if I'm going to ask God for a miricle I might as well make it a big one!

If all goes as planned, they will be extending the exact same case plan another 6 months and at the same time begin a TPR plan (Termination of Parental Rights).  Which basically means if she can't get it together within a few months, the case worker won't have to repetition the court to begin TPR.  She will already have permission to do so.

The case worker does not see much hope for Gabe going back, but as we all know, it's not over until it's over. 


kimmer said...

I love these photos! The outfits are amazing! I cannot begin to express my gratitude each and every day how very thankful I am to have the family that God has blessed me with! Love and hugs!

kimmer said...

Hi is so sweet and beautiful! Just look at those great curls!