Little School - APPLES!

Seriously, what kind of preschool would it be if we didn't cover apples in September?!?!

I'm sure the kids got all 5 servings of fruits yesterday!  Pretty much every activity required eating apples!

We started out making homemade apple sauce.  I had never made it before and couldn't believe how easy it was!  Not to mention how amazing it made the kitchen smell!

I think she liked it!

Ashley had the awesome idea of making Jeweled Apples.

You basically cut an apple in half and dip it in JELLO.  The JELLO crystalizes and looks pretty neat.  And it tastes like a Jolly Rancher!


As if that wasn't enough apples to keep the doctor away for several days, Tiffany set up an Apple Taste Test!

I think their faces say, "We are seriously going to eat more apples?!?!"

A little glueing and coloring and hand painting!

Then we rounded out the day with a little Hi-Ho Apple-O!

Hey, Cherry-O didn't fit with our theme!  We took creative liberty!

Wanna guess who won?!?!

Next week the kids and I are headed up to Minnesota for Papa Moose's Annual Pumpkin Party so no Little School.  But October is full of some pretty awesome Fall stuff that I'm super excited about!