Little Drummer Girl

Today is one of my all time favorite little girls special, special day.

Miss Olivia Kate is ONE!

I will never get used to how fast they grow. 

How can 365 days be all it takes for them to change this much?!?!

Olivia marches to the beat of her own drum.

She listens to the "norms" of what babies do and then blows right through them.

She is a fire ball and I personally cannot wait to see all that she is going to be.

Because I know, whatever she decides to do, it will be big and bold and braek all the social norms.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.  Aunt Nic loves every sassy inch of you!

That right up there is a little teaser of the AMAZING monster party Amber threw this past weekend.  You have got to go check it out.

Seriously.  Nothing cuter.  Ever.

Oh, and just because it's my blog so I get to make the rules here, lets take one last look at my all time favorite picture of Amber with Olivia in utero.

Now how was that only a year ago?!?! 


Amber said...

BAhahaha! Now I know why you've been hiding from me all week! That picture is hilarious now. How does one get a stain on the bottom of her belly?

Thanks for the sweet post! It almost made me cry. ;)