God Bless You Leap Frog

Ever since we 100% decided to homeschool Josie I have had a constant, nagging fear in the back of my mind:

How on Earth do I teach this child to read???

We have spent lots of time learning to recognize the letters but I hadn't been brave enough to broch letter sounds.  Then I started to hear lots of praise for the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. 

So when we were in Minnesota I spotted it at Sam's and decided to give it a shot.

Josie watched it everyday for a month without really showing any new understanding of the letter sounds. 

Then three days ago she was in the bathtub and she held up her foam letter B and said, "B says Bah."

I freaked.

Seriously.  (If you homeschool, I'm sure you know how over the top excited you get when they actually learn something new!)

After she got over the fear my squealing induced, she proceeded to pick up every letter and tell me the correct letter sound.

Holy Cow!

Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, I quizzed her throughout the day and today we whipped out the Letter Recognition and Letter Sounds Charts I printed at the start of our year.

She has a hard time recognizing N, V, and X (she gets them confused with M, U, and K) but she knows the rest.

And she knows every letter sound!

I can't believe how quickly she picked it up.  We started watching the Words Factory DVD today.

So Thank You Leap Frog for squishing my fear of teaching Josie to read!  I'm pretty sure we can handle it from here! 


Amber said...

Yay JK!!! So proud of you!!!

Reading is my biggest fear too! I knew you wouldn't have any problems with it! : )

amym said...

my son loves it too! he is always asking to watch the 'aahhh' movie! he loves the monster jumping out and saying 'aga baga booga' and the A's all yelling 'ahhh'

Amanda Lynn said...

Awesome I will have to look into that! We have this fridge toy for my two year old (who is a slow talker) and he will tell me "T says tuh". He also recognizes 'M' and a couple others. I highly recommend it! She may be a little old for it but they also have a model that teaches them to spell.


Mrs. M said...

We are huge fans here too. My Bup who is 3 walks around singing the L says lll...EEEvery letter makes a sound...
It's too cute and amazing what these little minds soak up.

Leap Frog Watch said...

Then I started to hear lots of praise for the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. ... leapfrogwatch.blogspot.com