The Quiet Way Home

Since we were talking about the 5 senses in Little School last week, we decided to to the book, "The Quiet Way Home" for our B4FIAR work.

This story is about a little girl and her Daddy walking home from school the quiet way and all the small noises they observe.  Josie really liked this book and loved sitting outside listening to hear all the small noises around our house.

I wasn't able to find many activities to go along with this book so we kind of winged it all week.  

Her favorite by far was sitting on the swing listening.  Pretty easy!

In the book, they pass by a friend riding a trike.  I took that as a cue to head outside and do some trike riding of our own.

The only other project I was really able to work out of the book was an art project.  In part of the book the Dad and Daughter rest in a field of dandelions to listen to the grasshoppers.  So we painted our own dandelion fields!

I divided the paper into sky and grass and had her color them in.  She still doesn't like coloring so I just lightly went over the whole area after she was done.  

Then she used a cotton ball to paint on her dandelions!  She loved using something other then a paint brush.

For our Raising Rock Stars, we learned about the 10 Commandments.  We spent some time talking about why God made rules for us and then worked our our number recognition.  Josie loved the ABC BINGO I made for her last year so I made up a number one.

She doesn't recognize many of the numbers yet so we are going to keep playing this one.

A little tweezer action to work those fine motor skills.

And last, we worked on the color red (which she 100% knows but needed to work on coloring skills) and the letter T.

I have Jury Duty this week, which I'm actually pretty excited about.  I've heard you get to sit and read all day in a quiet room.  That sounds right up my alley!  So school will be light if it happens at all.


The Edberg's said...

I am on jury duty right now! Well, last week and then this week too. We have it lucky in Anoka County, MN we can call in and only go in if there is a high probability that we'll be called to sit on a jury. Good luck!