It's been a year now since we found our amazing church, Voice To The Nations.

It's one of those things in my life that is just right.  It's perfect.  Walking through the doors always feels just like when I walk through the doors of my parent's house.

It feels like going home.

In the past few months we have begun some pretty awesome friendships.  But to be totally honest, Andrew has carried the new relationships.

He is the outgoing, funny, easy to talk to one.  


I'm the one who avoids eye contact and says awkward things a lot.

So when God told me this month was the month I am supposed to start nurturing my relationships with the women in our church I was a tiny bit nervous.  

And then, in true God Fashion, he lined up a Girl's Night Out the very next week.

Normally I would be a little uncomfortable going to something like this where I don't really know more then one person very well.  I get all nervous and scared I won't know what to talk about.

Luckily though, these ladies are more then easy to talk to and I had an absolute blast!

We went to the Melting Pot.  The last time I went there I had just graduated high school and between Jenna, Jenny, Jessica, and myself we racked up a $387.00 bill.

I was much more conscious of my choices this time and got out much cheaper!

There were 17 of us!  It was loud and crazy and our waiter thought we were the cheapest women ever, but it was so much fun!

I sat by Miss Nay Nay.  She's Josie's Sunday School Teacher.  She loves purple almost as much as Josie does!

Andrea is becoming one of my favorite friends.  We have so much in common, including our spunky little sassafrass girls!

I laughed as I looked around at us all cooking our meat and veggies.  

Shouldn't we NOT have to cook on our night out?!?!


I was the official time keeper.  No Salmonella Poisoning on my watch!

We all ate our cheese and our salads and our meat and veggies.  But lets just be honest ladies, we came for the CHOCOLATE!!!

Ying Yang Chocolate:

Flaming Turtle Chocolate:

And the dippers.  OH THE DIPPERS!!

Fights over who gets to dip first!

I thought I was going to make myself sick.  I seriously could not quit eating the stuff!  I made a serious mess.

We didn't get home until after 12:30, which is way past my bedtime, but it was a total blast!

Thanks for an awesome night VTTN Ladies!  Can't wait till next time!


Elizabeth said...

What an awesome post! This is what I want to find...a church that feels like Home where Mike and I got gather new friendships. So glad I got to see you this past weekend! :)

kimmer said...

I am so happy for you to have found such an awesome church to become a part of! Looks like you girls had a blast! We've eaten the 'fondue' way many times with friends on new Years Eve, and it's great!

kimmer said...

Fonduing is a Blast!!! I'm so happy that you and Andrew have found such a wonderful church family!!!