We have been spending lots and lots of time making new friends with the families we go to church with.  It's been awesome.

We had the Harris Family and their 5 adorable (and extremely well mannered) kiddos over for a night swim.

I sat up on the pool deck and watched the kids play.  Then I started to notice Josie carefully watching every move Madeline made and then copy her to the T.

I seriously started tearing up.

Something about that moment made me realize how much influence her friends are going to have over her.

I stewed over this realization all week and finally had to talk to Amber about it.  I was struggling with the loss of control I was going to end up having.  I was scared about the decisions she would someday have to make without my input.  I felt the intense need to hold my baby very, very close.  To not let anyone influence her.

Amber indulged my crazy talk and then told me about this post she had just read. 

Seriously, go read it.

As soon as I read it, I felt reassured.

Yes, Josie will make friends that will influence her.  She will seek their approval and try to fit in.

But I get to be the one who decides which friends get to be the close friends.

And that makes me smile really big.