Little School - Colors!

This week we learned all about colors at Little School!

The kids all know their colors so we focused on different art projects and mixing colors.

Tiffany read Rainbow Fish to the kids while Ashley and I set up the craft.  Then they headed outside and made their own Rainbow Fish!

I was feeding a very hungry baby so I didn't get any finished pics, but the fish turned out super cute!

Ashley had found these super cool kits to make chalk.  The kids were pretty excited!

Ashely mixed and the kiddos shook.

And then we had a chalk mishap. 

The chalk hardened before we even got it in the molds!  Not so great for the chalk, but the kids thought it was hilarious!

After a snack of Rainbow Goldfish, we did our color mixing project. 

I made each of them a color wheel and labeled it.  We started by talking about the Primary Colors and coloring in those parts then we made predictions about what would happen if we mixed any 2 primaries together.

They mixed and we filled in the results for Secondary Colors as we went.  The kids loved it and really caught on fast to the Color Wheel!