Pumpkin Party 2009

I have the sweetest man in the World as a Grandfather.
He is amazing in pretty much ever way.
Among his many specialties, he is a Master Pumpkin Grower.

Sunday the whole family headed up to the Rouillard River Ranch to celebrate the end of the Pumpkin Season.
minnesotatrip 129
This Ranch has been in our family for a very, very long time (exactly how long guys???).
It is right on the Rum River and surrounded by acres of gorgeous farm land.
minnesotatrip 128
It's one of those places that brings back a flood of the most wonderful family memories as soon as you pull in the drive.
minnesotatrip 127
I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it is for me to watch my daughter laugh and play and run free in the same exact places I did when I was her age.

The Pumpkin Party was so much fun!
There were about 30 people there and Grandpa swears we must have each brought two pairs of shoes since there were so many by the door!

The kids got to make pumpkin faces and flying bats for art projects.
minnesotatrip 057
My little pumpkin was still adjusting to the c-o-l-d weather!
minnesotatrip 058
Then Auntie Robbin read pumpkin stories!
minnesotatrip 035
Here are all the monsters in their costumes!
Josie went to the Pumpkin Party as "Papa Moose's Favorite Pumpkin".
minnesotatrip 075
The weatherman called for rain so as soon as we saw a clearing, we loaded everyone on the tractor for a hayride out to the pumpkin patch!
minnesotatrip 091

minnesotatrip 086
minnesotatrip 089
Even though there have been a couple freezes, there were still some great pumpkins ready to be picked out!
Josie had the time of her life running around in the mud picking out pumpkins!
minnesotatrip 102
minnesotatrip 116
minnesotatrip 117
And my new all time favorite picture?
Josie and her Papa Moose, my grandpa.
minnesotatrip 119
We spent the rest of the afternoon eating and watching football, hiding from the cold.
minnesotatrip 122
minnesotatrip 123
As much as I love Georgia, I'm pretty sure this is how Fall is meant to be!

Thank you Papa Moose for singing to those pumpkins and urging them to hang on until your Southern Belles could get up to pick some out!
We love you more then you'll ever know.