Baby Lucy

minnesotatrip 026

It is no secret that my daughter is my number one shopping partner.
When we go to the mall, she trods right along side me for hours browsing and talking about what we like and don't like.
And every time we are at the mall, we have to stop at Pottery Barn Kids so she can play with the toys.
The first thing she grabs is the little Baby Lucy Doll and she doesn't put it down until we leave.

As much as I knew she would love to bring her home, a $40 doll just isn't in my budget!

So when my Mom called to tell me about a killer coupon for PBK that she had, I knew just was she should get Josie.

After taking a good ten minutes to make sure she got all the paper off the package, she flipped the box over and just stared with huge eyes!

Then she whispered, "Pottery Barn!"

Baby Lucy has not left her side for a single minute!