Free Fallin'

After the Pumpkin Party at the River Ranch, we headed over to my Grandparents cabin on the lake.
minnesotatrip 038
This morning Josie embraced her inner Northerner and braved the brisk Fall wind to spend some time in the leaves!
minnesotatrip 066
minnesotatrip 060
minnesotatrip 054
minnesotatrip 064
You'd think the kid had never played in piles of leaves before!
Oh wait.
I guess she had never played in piles of leaves before!

You poor deprived little girl!
minnesotatrip 048
minnesotatrip 111
minnesotatrip 114
minnesotatrip 136
minnesotatrip 097

Yup Amy, you might want to start looking for a new best friend. This one might not be coming back.
If only I could talk Joe Rodgers into opening a Waffle House up here...


Maura said...

Wow it looks like you had a great time . I love those fall pics. So pretty!

Tagged you on my blog, No pressure though.