I Used To Not Know You

It's been 1,095 days since I met the little girl that would shape the rest of my World.

That seems like a lot of days. 

So how come it seems like just yesterday that I watched that red car pull in the driveway? 

I can still feel my nerves. 

My heart in my throat, as I walked out to get my very first glimpse of my new baby girl.

Would she look like us?  Would she be scared? 

Is this real?

And 15 short seconds later, I'm holding an angel.  An Answered Prayer.

My Josie Kathryn.

Mine.  All mine.

Forever and ever.

Her Daddy cried and I stared for hours. 

In shock that she was here.

From Sullen Faced Baby to Filled With Joy Three Year Old in just 3 short years. 

Sometimes I look at her and find it simply unbelievable that I used to not know her. 

This little girl that I know every. single. minute. detail of, used to be a stranger.

We lived in the same town for 8 months.  I probably saw her around and didn't even recognise her.

But that all changed on October 2nd, 2007.

From that day on we were anything but strangers.


Josie Kathryn,  you are the light of my entire world. 

And Mommy will forever carry you in my heart. 

In my soul. 

Even when I declare it Quiet Time, your voice sings in my ears. 

When we are apart, I feel your hand in mine. 

We are made of the same stuff, me and you.

And I am so very, very glad that you aren't a stranger anymore.

Happy Gottcha Day to the sweetest, spunkiest, most loved little girl I've ever had the privledge of meeting.


Josh Isenhardt said...

Wow, that made me tear up. Such depth love and so eliquently expressed. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Crystal said...

Happy Gotcha Day to Josie! Hope you have many many more sweet days with her to come! She has turned into a beautiful little lady.

Amber said...

Thanks for the tears! We Love you Josie Kat!!!

aaron said...

Love that babe. See you kids Thursday!

Natasha said...

Happy Gotcha Day!! What a sweet post. Josie's such a blessed little girl :)