B4FIAR - Goodnight Moon

This week's book was Goodnight Moon.  It was another one that was super easy to get Preschool ideas to go with it.  Which was good because I'm usually in a bit of a funk after coming home from Minnesota. 

We had another insane week.  Between field trips, hot air balloon shows, and photo shoots (for a real magazine!) we were barely home.  We ended up only doing B4FIAR 2 days. 


I did finally try out the tray system and it-was-amazing!

The nights before we did school, I put each activity with all the needed supplies in a drawer and then let Josie pick what order she wanted to go in.  

She loved it, I loved it, it's staying!

We made our Tissue Bowls for our "bowl full of mush."

We hung mittens and socks, just like in the book.

We talked a lot about the moon and the different phases it goes through.  She caught on to this more then I expected and even pointed out the Cresent one night!

We are learning to write letter I this week.  We are using 1+1+1=1's verse print outs for our memory verses.  This week was "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

We played Don't Drop The Balloon where, you guessed it, the object was to not let the balloon touch the floor.  She thought this was hilarious! 

I forgot to buy balloons so we used animal balloons left over from her birthday!

I made her some Halloween Pattern Cards with some strips of construction paper and stickers.

We talked about how the Moon goes around the Earth and the Earth spins to make day and night. 

Way over her head, but it was a great lead in to our art project!

We sang "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" and whipped this bad boy up.


And we FINALLY used the Cloth ABC's that I made her last year!

She loved them!  I had her pull them out one at a time and tell me what letter it was and what sound it made.


Then we spelled some words!  I called out the letter and she ran to find it.

We wrapped up our school week with our Friday Baking Project.

I found this cute (and easy) recipe for making Candy Corn Sugar Cookies over at Tidy Mom and they turned out great!

Tidy Mom is one of my favs.  She has awesome ideas.

And if you didn't see it this weekend, watch this video of Josie "reading."  

Oh how I love this child!


TidyMom said...

Those cookies are so fun aren't they!!? Glad you enjoyed them!!