Tissue Paper Bowls

Not the most creative title for a post, but it does the job.

We are reading Goodnight Moon for our Five In A Row work.  We had plans to eat a "bowl full of mush" but I wanted to do a creative project for the bowl first.

All you'll need is a bunch of squares of tissue paper, watered down glue, a bowl (for a template), and saran wrap.  I didn't have saran wrap so we used tin foil.  It worked but not nearly as well as saran wrap would have.

Wrap your template bowl in saran wrap and flip it upside down.

Then paint on some watered down glue and cover with tissue squares.

To make a bowl that will last you need to do this at least 5 times (5 layers).  We got lazy and stopped at one.

Carefully pull the saran wrap off and set it up to dry. 

When it's done, trim the edges and fold a little over to create a finished edge.

We ended up not eating our mush out of them since she wanted to keep it.  They are a bit flimsy, but work great for feeding her imaginary dogs!