Homemade Christmas

About 10 months ago, I decided I was going to make the majority of my Christmas gifts this year.
Flash forward and we are now 17 days from Christmas and I've barely started.


I am 100% sure that the majority of my gifts will indeed be store bought but I'm hoping to get my act in gear for 2010!

I am making a few things for Josie. I just finished her Rag Tag Alphabet and I love it!


I found the tutorial here and they were super easy!

I didn't use a template, just drew the letter on the fabric and sewed around it. And I used solid fabric for the back so she can learn which side is the correct side.


I put magnets in each letter (except the M, which I somehow missed!) so that she can use them on anything metalic.

I have a feeling she will have the most fun playing with them on the floor!


These seriously took maybe a little more then an hour and I know she is going to love them!

I'm hoping to finish the rest of the homemade gifts this week, but we are hosting 2 Christmas parties and I have 2 half painted rooms that also need attention.

Wish me luck!

Next year I am for sure starting before December!


The Swann's said...

Love these!!!! Oh I'm so inspired to make them and yet no sewing machine. The cutest things ever!!