What The Heck?!?!

We had grand plans for a very Christmassy day on Saturday including cookies with Mrs. Clause and a spectacular Chirstmas parade in the evening.

Josie ended up practacally sleeping through the cookie decorating and the Good Ole Waffle interfered with our parade plans, but it was still enough to put me in the Christmas Spirit.


My poor baby girl has been going nonstop these past few days and it was starting to catch up with her.


See? Not even enough energy for a Cheesy Grin.

However, I did learn that while she is deathly afraid of Santa, she is a fan of the Mrs.


She opted for a day at her Nana's instead of out shopping with me.

I don't blame her, it was way chilly.

And by chilly, I mean 40 degrees.

Don't laugh Aunt Suzy. That's cold down here!

Matalie was not lucky enough to get a pass on the shopping day.


I guess she's cute.

Even if she is wearing a Gator outfit.

And now for the "What The Heck" part of my post.

After hours of searching for a Subway, scouring clearance sections, and looking at enough fabric to make our eyeballs fall out, we ended up at trusty Target.

Where I spotted the saddest thing I've ever seen:


No, not the frumpy lady wearing a shirt that is obviously needing to be retired.

Footie pajamas? For adults?

With Sock Monkeys on the feet?

And what woman is tall enough to wear these? This was a MEDIUM!

I'm short, but not that short.

As my Grandma Norma would say, "Good Night Nurse" these are ugly.

I'd better be more specific when I tell Andrew I want PJ's for Christmas!


bri said...

BAHAHAHAHA! Specific better go along with some pictures! AND just to be on the safe side... some pictures of what NOT to buy as well!

Natasha said...

Gotta say, as terrible as those PJs are, they're better than Snuggies! I hope you weren't planning on asking for one of those.. Not sure I can continue frequenting your blog if you are.

Emma Vasseur said...

too good. i'm not going to lie to you nicole. my senior year of high school - about 5 years ago - i had a christmas party with friends and we all (well about 4 or 5 of us) wore footie pj's from target!! haha!

i can now safely say, i was young and stupid.