Those Summer Nights.

We've spent the last few days emerged in two feet of water.

Saturday afternoon we had the Glovers over for the first pool get together.

I decided Friday to turn off the hose so that the pool wouldn't be too deep for them to let loose in and it worked out perfect!


The first day we swam, I had to drag Josie out kicking and screaming when it was naptime. After a firm talking to, she seems to be ok with the rules about when to get out!

I swear that Everett and Josie will be friends to the very end! He was the first friend she met. In fact, we had only met her 45 minutes before he did!


While I'm 100% sure that only my parents will enjoy all the pictures in this post (who wants to see kids swimming? Not very original!), I have to post them.

Tiffany is an amazing photographer. Seriously, if her hanging out pictures are this clear and great, just imagine what her actual sessions look like. We all agreed that in the past couple months her talent and taken off! She is destined for great things!



(I just noticed that she is acutally in these pictures which would mean Jason took them! You rock too Jason!)

When we had our fill of the mucky (filter hasn't been turned on yet!) water, the kids played on the swingset while the adults hung out on the patio.

Every single Winter, I forget how relaxing Summer Nights in the country are.






Watermelon, Garden Checks, Swings, Rock Soup, Burgers, Great Conversation, Kids Running Free, Lighting Bugs!

Saturday night rung in the Summer Season at the Pope House. I went to bed exhausted and completely satisfied. Minus a minor sunburn, it was a perfect weekend.


Anonymous said...

is it possible to get a truck to deliver water to fill the pool? It would be faster and the pump could be turned on