Happy, Happy!

Why is this face so happy?

2009 038

We have WATER!

2009 040

It's taking it's sweet time filling up, but we don't mind.

2009 029

If one foot of water brings this much joy, I can't wait to see how happy a full pool will make her!

2009 043


bri said...


How blessed you are indeed! We went to a splash park today (public of course) and I could barely see my kids! AWFUL! It was so packed and of the WORST kind of children you'd NEVER want to encounter!

I had to remove my boys before they picked up a whole new line of language!

off to buy a small pool and a sprinkler of course :).

Cunz Family said...

Oh I'm so jealous of you and your pool!!!

Jamie said...

She's adorable! Looks like such a fun time. :)

I can't seem to find an email or other contact info on your blog, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to share a summary of your adoption story on my blog, as part of a series of guest post adoption stories I'm working on. I want to encourage people to consider adoption, and I'm hoping to share stories of all sorts of adoptions but I'm particularly interested in foster-adoptions since A) that's how we adopted our daughter and B) there seems to be more negative than positive in the media about foster-adoptions, and I want to help change that!

If you're interested, would you please email me? By the way, I'm in the Atlanta area, too! A friend reads your blog & sent me here when I told her about my idea.