Why My Job Is Secure

Yesterday I got to get out of the house and into the working world again for a few hours.

I love working for The Grand Gourmet when they need extra servers.

Andrew was off for the day, so he and Josie and a fun day together. When I was getting ready to leave I started listing off the things that needed to happen in her day; lunch, nap, bath, that kind of stuff.

He promptly reminded me that he is her Father, not a babysitter and that they would be fine.

So off I went to make that money.

After the event we had Book Club, so I didn't get home until late. When I walked in I found a massive pile of clean laundry on our bedroom floor.

2009 025

He thought he'd help me out by doing laundry.

And when I inquired about the towels sprawled out over the driveway, he let me know that our patio furniture cousions do not fit in the washer. Turns out they cause a flood.

2009 026

On the plus side, he did clean the nasty laundry room floors while he was cleaning up all the water!

Turns out my job is pretty secure!