Old Baby's New Duds

2009 049

Yesterday we spent an amazing day with my Mom.

And if you're keeping track, we have seen her more times this past month then in the history of my Southern Living Days. I'm loving these 24 hour layovers from Amsterdam!

After a few minor car delays, we picked up Mae Mae and headed to my newest addiction...

The American Girl Cafe!

But let me back up. Have you met Old Baby?

2009 055

I can't rightfully call this a Family Memory Blog without documenting one of my favorite toys of Josie's.

She got this doll for her 2nd birthday from Andrew's cousin Valerie. And it hasn't left her side since.

I scoured the internet, searching for dolls with Josie's skin color, eye color, hair. I've spent a pretty penny on dolls that look like her. But Old Baby is where it's at.

And yes, she named her "Old Baby." Which only adds to the adorableness of the whole thing.

Old Baby is dirty, usually naked, and pretty scruffed up. But Josie loves this doll with everything in her. Which means I do too.

So this day was fun for us, but extra special for Josie since Old Baby was treated like royalty!

2009 053

Hats off to the people at the American Girl Cafe. They've got it down.

A doll sized high chair, teeny tiny tea cups, a mini menu!

2009 061

2009 056

The servers were so attentive to Josie and Old Baby. I was seriously impressed with how kind everyone was and the food was actually delicious!

2009 057

On a side note, Josie's story telling has taken off to a new level! I can't help but laugh at how much she sounds like Andrew when she is rattling off a story.

She can go for a good 15 minutes talking about her daughter or repeating a story she heard us telling!

2009 058

2009 064

2009 067

She gave us the ice cream cones and licked up every last sprinkle!

2009 074

I cannot wait for Olivia and Matalie to be old enough to enjoy this with us! I'm for sure making this a new tradition.

2009 071

2009 073

I had been sent by Amber with strict instructions to get that naked Old Baby some clothes!

The Bitty Babies are the same size as Old Baby so we went browsing for new outfits. Then my Mom saw the perfect doll for Josie and we both fell in love.

We spent the next 45 minutes trying to convince her to get a new sister for Old Baby, but in the end, she had her heart set on this stroller so the doll stayed.

2009 077

That Bitty Baby will be coming home with us the next time we go. I'm convinced she needs it, even if she doesn't think so!

Her and Old Baby each got a new pair of jammies and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

2009 078

Doesn't Old Baby look like a new baby all together?!?!

I could have brought home every outfit in the place and not had a bit of Buyer's Remorse. This place may get me into trouble!


Amber said...

I cannot wait to take Olivia! I might take her next year and get her a bitty baby. I'm so glad Old Baby got a day of pampering. That Old Baby deserved it for sure!!!

Speaking of, I found something I was going to bring for old baby!

Brooke said...

Looks like a great time! I wish we were closer to the Cafe to go more often!

Laura said...

I'm so jealous!!! I really want to take the girls to an American Girl place. They just love their dolls! Love those matching pajamas!

Maya's Musings said...

I loved this!! Old Baby is too cute, I love how children see past everything and just go with love :) what a great memory for Josie!

Kameron said...

The closest AG Cafe is in NY so we'll be waiting a while to make that trip! At least until baby girl can appreciate it! I love the matching jammies!

kimmer said...

Oh my....the day was magic!!! To watch Josie explore such a wonderful place and be so totally absorbed in the imagination of it all is a true gift for me. Thank you for the time together!!! Hey American Girls.....we'll be back!!!