Book Club - Middle Eastern Style!

Also known as the day Darlene seriously raised the Book Club Bar!

This past month we read, "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and everyone LOVED it!

The book is about two women living in Afghanistan. It follows their lives and I couldn't put it down. It is in my top 5 favorite books. The story flows perfect, gives just enough detail, and wraps up so that you aren't left wondering, "but what next?!?".

We all commented on how we couldn't believe the book was based in modern day Afghanistan. It seemed crazy that life is like that over there right now.

And while the book and discussion were great, Darlene's Middle Eastern Themed Dinner was amazing!

While none of us were begging for more, it was so much fun to experience a food that most of us would never have tried on our own. And there is nothing I love more then a theme, so I was in Heaven!

And Darlene went ALL out!







She even got Stuffed Grape Leaves.


I tried it, but just couldn't get passed the texture!


We followed it up with Darlene's chocolate cake that rocks my socks everytime I have it. I'm sure the ladies in the book were not treated to such yumminess, but we sure didn't mind a small detour from the theme!

I'm up next and I've already begun prepreation for my themed book club meeting! We are reading "Patty Jane's House of Curl" and I've got some fun things planned!


kimmer said...

Oh my goodness....I've seen that face before!!!! Darlene's dinner menu looked awesome to me...sorry I could not have been there! And the book is one of my all-time favorites also!!! Have you read 'The Kite Runner"? by the same author, and also very good!