My Doctor Might Be A Quack

So after Kameron questioned Josie being in the 70th Percentile for her weight, I pulled up the calculator an ran the numbers again.

Honestly, I almost laughed when the doctor said it. Turns out I should have questioned it.

According to the online calculator, she's barely in the 3rd Percentile for weight and the 4th for her height.

Hmmm, maybe she needs to check her computer.

Either way, she is growing and I guess that's all that matters.


Kameron said...

I thought it seemed off! Ha! I was thinking Nate must be in the 1 millionth percentile if that were the case! That's ok, wonderful things come in small packages!! Just think, you probably get much more use out of her clothes han we do over here!

Amber said...

well, that's great...I hope my doctor isn't a quack too! I wonder if they use the same computer? I guess I shouldn't worry since my kid is freaking HUGE!!!

kimmer said...

I kind of thought that could be a bit off. But you are so right...she's super healthy and she is growing....so she's doing just GREAT!!!!! Altho definitely not in the 70th percentile......bring on the carrot cake!

Jo Shabo said...

as long as they are growing you are right, they are fine... my girls are always in the 5th and 10th percentile for everything! They are such little squirts! :) LOL

Lani said...

I just read your original post about her weight and would have to agree your doc's calculation is a bit off just based on Izzy. She weighed 30.2 lbs and was in the 44th percentile!!!

Brooke said...

We have T's appt next month, and she will be right there along with Josie, except T might even be a little shorter.