Book Club - Take 2!

This week was full of Mommy-Daughter-Granddaughter Goodness!

Not only was Josie's Mae Mae in town, but Olivia's Grandma was too!

I heard about a Boutique Consignment Sale up in the fancy part of town over a year ago and have been dying to go ever since. Since it started this Wednesday, Amber and I woke our Mom's up early and drug them out with us for some bargain hunting.

When we got there we quickly learned that our idea of a bargain is vastly different then a Buckhead Mommy's idea of a bargain!

We were dying to ask what these ladies husbands do that allows them to buy 20 dresses at $40 a pop!

Not that we left empty handed.


Amber and I knew the zebra one had to come home with one of us and since it was closer to Josie's size then Olivia's, I had the honor of paying for it.

Don't worry Olivia, you're next!

The blue dress is perfect for Easter and a couple other events we have this Spring.


I could've easily spent Andrew's whole paycheck, but I have a feeling that wouldn't have gone over very well!

After that we went to the Marietta Diner and it was YUMMY!


After Josie proclaimed her love for Carrot Cake, we headed back home.


That night we had our second meeting of The Next Chapter - Southern Division.


We doubled in size since last month so Amber and I were pretty proud.

Even if two of the attendees will be hundreds of miles away next month.

This past month we read Intervention by Terri Blackstock.

The book was OK. It was about a teen girl with a drug addiction, a mother's attempt to get her daughter clean, and a whole lotta other drama thrown in.

A few of us had been through similar situations, me being one of them. Four of us had young children and four of us had older children so the perspectives were awesome this month!

And we had cake!


Book club is easily going to be one of my favorite activities.

It is so interesting to have a group of women read the same exact book and then have totally different opinions on it.

Plus it's good therapy.

I can't tell you how many times last night we would start answering one of the questions only to find ourselves talking about serious issues in our own lives that had little to do with the book.

Women need support. And getting this many perspectives from women who have been there or are there is priceless.


Amber is hosting next month and we are reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.



EL said...

Heyy there Im a follower coming by just to say that your blog is one of my favorite favorites! one of the things I like reading most about is your awesome group of friends! Your so lucky to have such great friends and how cute and fun it must be to swap baby clothes, stories & everything. Anyways, if you have time theres something for you at my blog, have a wonderful weekend and valentines day!

Kameron said...

I love the blue dress. It looks like something I had when I was a toddler! I wish my mom would have kept some of my old clothes! I know what you mean about the consignment sales. There is a shop in the snotty party of our city and you wouldn't believe what they try to charge for used clothes. It makes me wonder how much they were new! Yikes!

kimmer said...

I was visiting with Robbins friends yesterday, and they all totally raved about the book "The help", saying its one of the best books Ever!!! So I will be reading it also. Maybe we can have our own little discussion afterwards! Thank you for a wonderful week with you and Andrew and our precious girl!

Lani said...

I am in a book club too I think we are on our 5th book. Our meeting is next week and we read Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen...GREAT book.

I agree my favorite part is seeing all the womens different opinions on the same book! And i like all the extra girl talk too