So Much For Global Warming

I have to admit, I had to bite my tounge yesterday after teasing everyone for thinking it was going to snow.

It did.

And more then the usual "Snow Blankets The South (even though you can still see grass)" kind of snow, but actual snow.


It started around 1 with tiny tiny flakes. We were at the Waffle House and everyone was losing their minds.


By the time we got home, it was starting to come down faster.

And it was perfectly sticky snow.


And by the time nap was over, we had a couple inches.


It didn't stop us from heading out for pizza to celebrate Josie one more time.

I am a seasoned Northerner after all!


Today, everything is covered in snow and it is beautiful.

And as long as the Weatherman is right and the temps keep climbing, I'm OK with one day of snow.

Any more then that and we're packing up and heading South.


Josie had her 3 Year Checkup yesterday morning.

I was so sure the doctor was going to be concerned with her weight, but she is actually in the 70th percentile for weight (at 25.4 pounds). She's a bit short, but nothing way out of line (just under 3 feet).

She had an eye test that she rocked and when the doctor asked what her favorite food was she responded with, "Carrots."

I was one proud Mama.

Tuesday we have her first dentist appointment, which I'm sure will be an ordeal.

Well, my little Southern Belle is dying to get out in the snow so I suppose I'd better find a parka and head out!


Anonymous said...

i dont think carrot cake counts :)

Kameron said...

25.4 pounds puts her in the 70th percentile?? I'm not sure that's right, at least I hope not because my boy weighs 34.5 pounds and he's 2 1/2 and I know he's not obese! :o)