Big Dave Turns 28

Friday night we went out with our besties to celebrate Big Dave Mabes 28th birthday. As with all the other guys birthdays, he picked Dave & Buster's.

So we sent our little Fairy packing to her Nana's for the night and loaded into the truck 7 deep!


We had dinner and laughed a lot.

Just when I thought I knew everything about my friends I learn something new. Like Amber has a prison tat and Amy...

Well, Amy's will just have to stay a secret.

After Andrew decided it was a good idea to send a picture of his booty to David, we decided it was time to give up our table and go for some gaming.

Ahhh, look how happy the Birthday Boy was!


Let me just say that our husbands are serious about some shooting games.

2009 222

I mean, take a closer look at Andrew's face:

2009 223

Now that is a mean mug!

While the guys might be serious about war games, us girls are serious about our fruity drinks.

2009 224

And Dance, Dance, Revolution!

2009 226

I swear everytime we go out I fall more in love with my friends.

2009 232

2009 231

2009 234

This guy stood at this machine from the time we got there until who knows when. He was still playing away when we left. It was actually pretty facinating to watch him.

And take a close look at the amount of tickets he has.

2009 235

That trash bag was full and the pile on the floor was his too!

David said he was playing for some autographed baseball which I found odd. Why would Dave and Buster's be holding prized autographed balls?

Well after slightly teasing him, Andrew walked by a machine and just decided to try and won the jackpot his first try!

2009 236

Now that's some Karma!

Happy Birthday David! We love you and your crazy self. Without you we wouldn't be a Waffle Family.

And there ain't nothing better then bein' a Waffle Family!


Amber said...

Another night that we'll never forget! Once again...we all know WAY too much about each other to not be friends!