Little School - B

Verse : Psalm 84:10

Snack : Banana Boats

Game : BINGO

Craft : Binoculars

We are still doing Little School and really enjoying it! Last week we did Letter H, but I got a little crazy and accidently deleted all our pictures.


This week Everett couldn't make it so it was just Josie and I.

We started out going over our list of B Words and reading our verse.

2009 211

I have to say, I am completely impressed that Josie is learning and remembering these verses! So far she can recite all 4 that we've done after I say the first two words! Not only do I think that it is so important for her to memorize Scripture, but it is really helping me with mine!

I'm trying to focus on verses that can help with behavior issues she might be dealing with too.

The girl was hungry so we did our snack after that. We made Banana Boats. They were so easy and Josie loved them! In fact, we did this again for snack today!


I just hollowed out a banana and filled it with peanut butter then gave her a few toppings to add. We did blueberries, raisins, and chocolate chips.




2009 213


Then we played BINGO.

Except I'm a spazz and totally forgot that each BINGO card has to be different or else everyone wins at the same time.

Luckily, she's 3 and has no idea what BINGO is so I got away with it!

2009 215

2009 216

Then we did our craft.

I can't remember where I saw this, but since we usually have a plethera of Toilet Paper Rolls I knew this was perfect for us.

She decorated her rolls with markers and stickers:


And then I taped them together and added a string.

Presto! Homemade Binoculars!

2009 218

Perfect for Bird Watching!

2009 219

And pretty dang cute if I don't say so myself!


Josie and I are taking the next 3 weeks off of Little School for our Cross Country Vacation. I'm hoping to just do some unstructured learning while we're gone.

When we get back, we'll pick right back up with our learning our letters!


kimmer said...

She's so darn smart!!!! Let's do the letter "S" in Arizona!!! S is for Swimming, and S is for Sunshine and S is for Smiles!!! All things that we'll be doing while she is here!!!