My Daily Dilema

Every morning, without fail, the following statement will come out of my mouth,

"I don't have anything to wear."

Which is simply a lie considering this is my closet:

2009 206

(yes, organized by color and sleeve length. I told you I'm insane.)

Actually, that is only part of my closet and doesn't even show the mass shoes, pants, dresses, or skirts that were shoved in there.

So I came to the conclusion that it's not that I have nothing to wear, it's that I have too much to wear.

I was feeling overwhelmed with when I last wore what and who did I see in it. The truth is, I have a few favorite outfits that I wear all the time and the rest spend 99% of the year hanging there.

So I did a mass cleansing.

2009 205

That's about half of what I am getting rid of.

I also cleaned out my cabinets.

Not sure anyone is going to want my Ovulation Prediction Kits, but Lord knows I don't need them so out they go.

I still have a lot that I should get rid of.

2009 207

For instance, my Nine West heels in the back there had so much dust on them I couldn't tell what color they were. But they were expensive and make me feel like an adult so for now they stay.

I also kept a few jackets I haven't worn in years, but I am not quite ready to give up. I had to keep taking breaks and then going back through the whole closet to make sure I got rid of as much as my mind would allow.

2009 208

It felt good to take out all the work skirts and dress pants that not only do I never wear, but probably don't even fit anymore.

I tried to get rid of some of Andrew's things, but the poor man only has about 5 shirts that aren't Waffle House related so his side was safe from my binge!

Now if only Josie would move up to at 2T I could do more closet cleaning!

public service announcement to all my friends.....

If we are out and you see my pick up a tank top in any form or fashion, you have permission to slap it out of my hands. Seriously, I have an addiction.


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only one with dusty shoes. Now can someone explain to me how dust gets in the closet?

The Stairs Family said...

Wow Josie is a tiny thing...she only wears 24 months and shes 3???

Brooke said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! I need to get moving and get rid of more than 90% of the things in my closet too. I always wear the same things, and the clothes in my closet sadly never see the light of day. Not sure why I have issues letting go.

Kameron said...

At least you get a ton of use out of Josie's clothes! I hate packing away something I know they have only wore once becuause they grew too fast! Good job on the purge. I have to do that from time to time. The only thing that stinks is, right now I have a whole closet and drawers full of clothes that don't fit me because of the baby. I guess I'd better get my butt back to the gym!

Mrs. M said...

It must be the season or something as I just decided to do the same today. For me it's a laundry issue...I hate that there is always so much laundry to do...so if I got rid of some clothes I would be able to see the laundry room floor!
Thanks for reaffirming the closet cleanse is a must for me!