Play Date!

About 5 minutes after my Grandparents pulled out of our driveway, our new playgroup started showing up.

Well, it's not technically a "new" playgroup since it consists of a group of girls who hang out all the time already!

But now we get together once a week to catch up with eachother and let the kids burn off some energy!

Even Little Miss Olivia made it out to her first Play Date!

2009 196

As you can see, Matalie isn't quite sure about a baby newer then her!

We all took full advantage of Olivia's newness.

Ahhh, she melts my heart.

2009 190

Well, they both melt my heart, but Matalie has been melting it since her first breath!

We drank White Mochas and talked about everything under the sun.

All while Matalie decided if she was gonna let Olivia stick around.

2009 203

Andrew asked what exactly Play Group was. I told him it's pretty much an excuse for us all to get together and laugh and talk instead of doing laundry!

And the kids?

We scurried them outside for their own play date!

2009 200

Hey, at least we gave them bubbles!

2009 199

Which were a big hit until someone dumped them out!

2009 201

Someone being this little cutie!

2009 202

I do have an activity planned for them next week, but for the most part we plan on just letting them play so we can have some girl time.

I think we need a creative name for our group but everything I've come up with is seriously hokey!

Brooke was a part of a group called the Margarita Mamas, which I LOVE, but since we meet on a Tuesday morning and I babysit a friends child, I figured I'd better save that name for when we go out for Girl's Nights!

Mocha Mama's? Sounds good, except it took me an hour to make all 6 mochas so I'm not sure that will be a weekly tradition!

So Bloggy Buddies, any suggestions???


Brooke said...

Oh, how I miss the Margarita Mamas so much :( And I like the name Mocha Mamas. Hey, we didn't always drink margaritas, and some of our get togethers were with kids. I think the name came about because that was the theme of the first gathering. I say go with Mocha Mamas....if you're not drinking one, you at least wish you were :)

Kameron said...

Looks like you had your hands full there! I like Mocha Mamas too! You don't always have to have mochas! Or you could be the Java Mamas. I think regular coffee would be easier to obtain every week!

Amber said...

haha...My mom said the kids outside made her nervous