Matalie Francis Is Here!

I just got home from the most amazing experience of my life.
At 4:45 AM this morning I rolled out of bed, I could feel the excitement all around. I picked up my feul for the morning (Starbucks!), filled my car up with gas, and headed off to Henry Medical Center to sit by my best friends side while she brought a new life into the World.
I was there from the time she laid in her hospital bed to the moment they wheeled her up to her room. I got to watch the contractions on the monitor, listen to Matalie's heart beat, and I even got a peak at Amy's butt more times then I ever thought I would!How gorgeous is this lady? And to think she was having a contraction and about to wet herself!
This is the last picture Amy will ever have taken as the mother of only one child.I am secretly hoping that Amy's feet never shrink back down! We used to wear the same size so I stand to inheret a pretty large shoe collection! We watched as the contractions went from this...To this!Scott was amazing!
He only almost passed out once, when he saw the needle that was going to go in Amy's back! After 6 1/2 hours of just hanging out, Amy started to feel pressure.
They decided to call the doctor back and it's a good thing they did! Amy started pushing at 1:59 and by 2:04, Matalie was breathing our air!
Yup, 5 minutes and 2 pushes was all it took to get that beautiful little angel out!
They told us that no pictures were allowed until after all the birth was done, but I'm a blogger and simply could not resist getting the first ever picture of Matalie!
I also swore I wasn't going to watch her being born. I wasn't sure if I could handle it. But when the doctor started talking about her head coming, I had to look.
I know that I will never see anything as amazing as what I saw today.
There wasn't a person, and then there was!And with the snip of a scissors, Matalie was no longer a part of Amy, but her own self. Ready to take on the World.My goodness, is she perfect or what!?!?!
We all used to think that Amy's 4 year old son, Luke, looked just like his Dad. But Matalie looks just like Luke so those are obviously Kastor genes!
10 fingers, 10 toes. And I think I'm already wrapped around 1/2 of them. The rest she has her Daddy on!
8 Lbs, 3 Oz! Born at 2:04 PM on March 3rd, 2009


bri said...

So how's that decision coming now??? hahaha... sure doesn't do much good for baby fever! hahaha. My sister just had her baby a week ago and I got to spend the day with them again today... mmmmm makes me miss that sweet content bundle soooo much!

So glad you got to be there to experience all of it! So amazing it truly is!

Kameron said...

Congrats and I'm glad that she waited for you to get back!!!