Foster Care Christmas


I have a strict rule in our house that there is to be little talk of Christmas and zero Christmas decoration until we have eaten the last peice of Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie.

However, something was brought to our attention at the last Foster Parent meeting that God laid on my heart to share.

With the economy the way it is, I'm sure some of you out there are already stressing over affording Christmas gifts for your family.

But have you ever wondered about who pays for kids in foster care to have a Christmas?

The answer: Nobody.

Technically, foster parents are given around $10 to $20 for purchasing Christmas gifts for foster children.

Seriously? $10 or $20? For a kid that has already had everything in their life turned upside down?

Something about that just bothers me.

We have never been big gift givers at Christmas. We don't "do" Santa with Josie and we personally only get her a couple things. Not that we are against Santa or what parents who do "do" Santa are trying to do with their kids, Josie is just so spoiled all year long that we don't feel like it's neccesary in our house.

But even without "doing" Santa, Josie still gets more then $10 or $20 worth of opening on Christmas morning and it made me really sad to think about all those kids, 210 in our three surrounding counties alone, waking up to nothing.

So I asked around and found out that our county has a program that is run off donations where they try to get as many children a few extra gifts to have on Christmas.

The problem is, it's a donation run program.

Andrew and I have decided to forgo some of the bigger things we were going to give Josie and donate that money to the program. We are also taking her to pick out a couple things to wrap and bring to our DFCS office for the children.

It's not much when you think of how big the problem is, but if you feel led to donate a gift or a finacial blessing to this program I would love to pass the information of the Program Leader to you.

And if you'd rather do something to help the kids in your area, I am certain that your local Family and Child Service office has a similar program.


Kameron said...

I decided to do the Christmas angel thing this year too. It breaks my heart for kids not to get something on Christmas, so we are sponsoring 2 kiddos. Natey is 2 and will not even know that he is getting less so that 2 other kids can have a joyful Christmas!

lovelock&co said...

what a cute blog! i found you through kelly's korner - my husband and I have also adopted, so i love hearing your stories! your daughter is beautiful!