Mirror Redo

I've been wanting to get around to this project for about a month now and am so glad to have finally gotten off my booty and done it!

Amy's husband does carpet restoration for apartments and one of the perks is that he finds random stuff in the recently vacated units.

Case and point, this awesome mirror.


See how helpful Amy is?!?!

Just kidding Amers.


I loved all the details on it.


I was super disappointed (insert sarcasm) when the mirror didn't work in Amy's master bedroom.

I snatched it up real quick like for our bedroom. But when we got our new wall unit all set up, I knew the mirror was made for that wall.

So out came my trusty black spray paint.


Two coats later, our wall was complete.


It seriously fits perfectly. It looks like it was made for the space!





Sarah Goddard said...

oh my gosh that looks sooo awesome!!! I just love how you can see amy sitting there in the background lol!!!

Jakesmommie said...

I LOVE it! If it ever stops working in your space you can send it my way! Tell me how you did Josie's dress. I have been wanting to make one for ever and havent tried it.

kimmer said...

Oh yeah....it Was made for that space!!!!!!!!! haha!

Anonymous said...

What would you do without me????

Amber said...

It does fit perfectly. Love it there!

Hannah Chandler. said...

oh the wonders of spray paint!! it looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

You are just crazy talented in the decor department!!! Great job!

bri said...

Wow... I was SO meant for that space!!! so amazing the things that come from someone else's discarded treasures.

Way to go girl :)

Brooke said...

That does look absolutely perfect there! Great job.

Kameron said...

It totally looks like it was meant for that piece! I love it when that happens and it just works out that way!! Great job!