Shopping The House - UPDATE

***UPDATE*** Andrew's Mom just told me that the dresser is actually his Great Grandparent's. So that makes it Josie's Great Great Grandparents furniture! Very cool!

Also, I went to Walmart with Amy this evening and discovered that the pillow is now only $4! I picked up another one and got a price adjustment on the one I got yesterday! 2 pretty pillows for $8!

Andrew and I got the official paperwork stating that our home has been reopened for foster care as of October 1st.

Which put me into super mode about getting the house ready for a new person.

That's the one hard part for me about foster and adopting (as if there is only one thing!). Where as most new mommy's get 9 months to nest, we usually get about 2 hours!

So I am determined to be as ready as possible before the next little baby shows up.

The main thing that I am dying to do is take down our guest room and set it up for Josie's big girl room.

We still haven't decided if we want to put her in a big girl bed now or just leave her in her crib and set up our extra crib in the old guest room until we are ready to move her into her new room.

I know, I know. The kid is almost 3 (oh Lord!) and still sleeping in a crib. But she sleeps awesome, doesn't try to get out, and I feel safe with her upstairs.

Plus, I'd like to wait to move her until I can paint and get her new bedding, which might be a while.

Either way, the guest room is coming down and a day bed is going in.

Right now we have a gorgeous antique bed and dresser in the room.

It was Andrew's grandparents and I love the shape and style of the set. I was so sad that we don't have an extra room to leave it in.

I was determined to find a way to make the dresser work, and was pleasantly pleased with myself when it worked in the first spot I tried it in!


I love love love it in our entryway!

And I really love love love the extra storage it is going to give us!

I am still playing around with the accessories.

I can't seem to get my chalkboard at the right height and it's not quite full enough for my liking.

But it is the perfect spot for my favorite new art:


My Josie Kat's siloutte!

I made it with plain old construction paper and I am so in love with how classic it turned out!

In other decorating news, I found this pillow on clearance at WalMart.


It was only $7! And look at the stitching on it!


I put it back twice and ended up going back for it. I just knew I'd be kicking myself if I didn't get it.

In fact, I'm kicking myself for only getting one.

But I'm pretty sure Andrew would have had something to say if I'd bought four like I wanted to!


Brooke said...

I'm a huge fan of vintage and antiques (as evidenced by my recent estate sale finds), and that's a great dresser. And what a great way to make a good use for it.

Oh, and I'm with you on the crib front. T still doesn't try to get out and loves sleeping in it. So there is no rush on my part to get her out of it!