Our 15 Hour Date

When Andrew and I saw the preview for Couple's Retreat, we knew we wanted to get a big group of our crazy friends to go all together.

But as life goes, most of them had to cancel at the last minute

Since only a few couples were coming we decided to make more of an event out of it and head to Atlanta for dinner and the movie instead of just going to our theatre.

And since Andrew was actually off all day, he thought an all day date was in order!

Hmm, now that I think about it, he suggested the all day date right after I showed him my Honey Do List...

Either way, I'm not one to turn down an entire day of my husband's undivided attention. Especially if it includes his phone being off!

We dropped Sleeping Beauty off at her Nana's and headed out.


It was hot, hot, hot.
This part of living in the South I will never get used to.
90 degrees in the middle of October?!?!


My homeland, which we are headed to in two short weeks, just got dusted with the first snow of the year.
Never once did I go pumpkin picking in a tank top back home.

I love Atlanta's skyline on a bright blue day!


We didn't really have a destination in mind.
We love driving around looking at houses, dreaming of our future, and listening to eachother's stories for the 100th time.
In fact, we decided that the only reason we would seek out the company of another person would be to tell our stories to someone who couldn't finish it for us!

We're sweet like that.

I did take this unplanned day as an opportunity to go to the Ballard Design Outlet!

I had no idea we had one in Atlanta, but we do and it's just as amazing as I dreamed it would be.


Still too rich for my blood, but inspiring none the less.

I recently discovered that I somehow aquired an extra 10 pounds that I would love to kick to the curb.

No, I don't think I'm big, but I do pride myself on the fact that nearly 10 years out of high school I can still fit in my prom dress.

While we were discussing ways for us to both get in shape, Andrew suggested that I quit drinking coffee to lose a few pounds.
I shot him a dirty look and then pointed him in the direction of the nearest Starbucks to make up for such a suggestion!

After driving, talking, shopping, and laughing until I cried, we still had a couple hours before we had to meet up with our friends for dinner so we decided to stop in and visit Andrew's best friend from high school, JP!


He is quickly becoming a Big Wig in the Atlanta Club and Resturaunt scene.
A year ago he helped open Aja right in the heart of Buckhead.
Since then he's been working crazy hours that aren't really aligned with the hours of a Waffle Man, so these two haven't been able to hang out as much as they would like.

Aja is amazingly huge and gorgeous!
I tried to get pictures, but club lighting wasn't cutting it.

If you ever get a hankering for some fried rice with chicken that tastes like Heaven, head over to Aja.

I've seriously been craving it since I finished my last bite!

And if you're thirsty, JP will hook you up with a gallon of water!


After that we went to the Apple Store to do some dreaming and then met up with Aaron and Sheena for dinner at Strip.

Oh so yummy!

Then we headed across the street to meet up with Jaquline and Adam to see the movie, which was hilarious.

Josie decided to stay over at her Nana's so we actully got to sleep without a baby montor buzzing in our ears!

This weekend marked the start of the fair right by Andrew's stores, plus one of his managers quit without any notice so it's a good thing we went on a long date. I think it's going to have to tide me over until the fair is over.


Danielle said...

Hey - Sounds like an awesome date!! :)

I got all the print stuff from Etsy - Dimpleprints. Carli is awesome! The other stuff I got from Michaels, etc. I am sure you will do a great party!!!