Not Enough Stuff On A Stick


One of the first things Andrew told me about his new job was that his units are super close to the Perry Fairgrounds.
He probably told me other stuff about the area, but I grew up loving the Minnesota State Fair so I fixated on that little tid bit!

This weekend was the first weekend so Darlene, Tyler, Josie, and I piled in the car and headed down to Perry.

After a quick, yummy stop at Andrew's Waffle House (where he rocked out the best scrambled eggs and hash browns for his lady friends!) we made it to the fair!


Josie squealed at new octives when she saw all the rides!


Ahhh, to see the fair through her eyes!


While there was a ton of food booths, I was suprised by the lack of odd things on sticks.
And not a cheese curd in sight.
Not that I've ever had a cheese curd, but my Minnesota Peeps swear by them!

There were about four huge barns of cows and one of horses.


I seriously almost got run down by a cow on multiple occasions!


And they weren't so friendly looking up close!


The fair was fun, but nothing like the Minnesota State Fair.
But I have received conflicting information about whether or not this is Georgia's State Fair or just a big fair.

It made me crave those cookies that you get in the big bucket and the fresh milkshakes.
And I was dying to ride down a giant slide on a potato sack or marvel at the Dairy Princess's head carved out of butter.

Regaurdless of the missing Butter Bust, the Perry Fair was fun.

And HOT!


Georgia did not get the memo about lowering the thermostat in October.




And it wouldn't be a trip to the fair without an big Monkey Balloon Type Thing!


At least he was served up on a stick!



Kameron said...

What kind of things do they serve on sticks in MN?? I have had corn dogs, cheese diped in yummy batter and aligator once (tastes like chicken), but would love to know what other goodness comes on sticks...besides candy of course!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you have not had fried cheese curd???? Cheese curds are great just plain too...A must have when we go back up north:)Now that you have me thinking about them, I am so hungry for them...From, Minnesota Joan

Cunz Family said...

Sweet Marthas Cookies...and cheese curds....YUM!

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING is on a stick at the Great Minnesota Get Together! :)