Show Us Your Life - Baby Showers!

This week on Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" series it's all about baby showers!
And I love me a good baby shower!
In the past year, I've done two for some close friends. One for a baby boy and one for a baby girl!

Ean's shower was last September.
I did a brown and blue theme and had a friend make a diaper cake for the center peice.
I took out all our family pictures from the mantle and put Ean's 4D ultrasound pictures in the frames. It turned out super cute!See Ean's whole shower here!

Baby Matalie's shower was in January and we did the nursery colors for the shower colors.I printed out quotes about daughters and put them all around the house.

I wish I could take credit for the table, but our friend Sheena (who is a caterer) said she had a few linens I could borrow and then proceeded to knock all of our socks clear out the window with her set up!See Matalie's whole shower here! (with the punch recipe!)

I am not a fan of shower games so both showers were just a bunch of women having a good time together, stuffing their faces full of yummy food, and tons and tons of tiny baby clothes!

For both showers I tried to pick a color scheme and carry it through from the invitations all the way to the deserts.

Sheena is expecting Baby Cruz in a few months so her shower will be next. And I'm sure that Amber will be showing ya'll Olivia Kate's shower from a couple weeks ago!

So how bout you show us some baby showers you've been to?