A Shower For Matalie!

We had Amy's baby shower on Saturday and it was a huge success!
Amy came down with a cold the day before the shower but she was able to suck it up long enough to have a good time!
I love this Baby Mama!
I had called Sheena (our good friend who owns a catering company called The Grand Gourmet) a week before the shower to coordinate who was bringing what and when I mentioned I didn't have the linens for the table yet she gladly said she'd take care of it.
I was expecting a pink table cloth.
I should have known that Sheena would create the most beautiful table scape I've ever seen!

A bunch of our friends and family pitched in and made a dip or two. We ended up with the perfect amount of food that was all really delicious!
And just because Sheena did such an amazing job, here are a thousand pictures of the table and the food!I think the food was this preggo's favorite part! (I can't lie, it was my favorite part too!)My yummy yummy punch!That was gone pretty much right away! Opps!Want my top secret yummy yummy super special punch recipe? It's been in the family for years and is always a big hit....
Mix one bottle Sprite with one carton Raspberry Sherbet.
Pretty fancy, huh?
I use different flavors of sherbet to make it match the color scheme of the party, but the raspberry has been the crowd favorite.Tiffany, Amers, Me, and Sheena!Ean was also a crowd favorite! Amy's mom made the most amazing Buffalo Chicken Dip!What's a baby shower without a few sweet little girls?!?Glad the Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks were entertaining!I'm not sure if this is a good idea!! Are you OK Gigi!?!
And then, after a ton of fun girl talk and catching up with old friends, it was present time!I was put on Handing Amy The Gifts Duty, but I was so distracted by the sweet little newborn sized goodness that I didn't do a very good job!Amy's grandmother made her two homemade blankets!Present Unwrapper!I still don't believe her feet are that small!I was really happy with how it all came together.
Now all we need is Matalie!


Brooke said...

Looks like you threw a great shower for your friend!