The Next New Kid On The Block

My BFF (am I too old to say that?) is super duper pregnant.
Little Matalie is either about to make her appearance or she is going to be one hefty baby!
I'm praying she makes her grand appearance on February 8th. That would give me time to finish planning Josie's party and would mean she'd be here before I leave for my, count em', 17 Day Vacation!
And since my Amers needs me in the delivery room to cover for her sure-to-faint-within-5-minutes husband, she needs to show herself before I leave!
Matalie will bring the number of girls in the group up to 3! Finally some girls for Josie to play with! We're all hoping that David and Amber's first midget is a girl to. That would really even the playing field!

My other BFF Tiffany is a budding photographer. She's been doing pictures of her own beautiful kids since they were born, but is just now starting to make it a business.
Last weekend my 2 BFFers got together to take some maternity shots.
I find it hard to believe that Tiffany is just starting the business.
I'll let the images speak for themselves... Little Matalie is telling her big brother a secret!This last one is my most favorite!

Hey, if you live in Georgia and need some pictures let me know and I'll hook you up! Tiff has done weddings (she actually plans weddings on the side too) and lots of family pictures. She is so reasonable with her prices and she gives you a CD with all your pictures on it.


Kameron said...

Your last 2 posts were so sweet. I love babies. I can't wait until we can have another go-round at pregnancy. I also think it is wonderful that you promote fostering and adoption. My BFF (no we are not too old to use that word) had fertility issues as well and she adopted a beautiful little girl, from here. You are right, there are so many children in need of adoption here, I don't know why people go overseas.

bri said...

I also love the fact that you promote close to home foster/adopt!

It is so amazing that first little glimpse at your new love!

JordanWest said...

Those pictures are beautiful!
And you are never to old to say BFF!
(wise words from a fifteen year old!)