Newest Kid On The Block

Meet Little Miss Keelin Maeve!Our great friends welcomed home their sweet baby girl just yesterday morning!
Seeing them finally have this dream come true makes my heart smile super big!
I met K when our husbands worked together at Outback and we became instant friends.
The first time we hung out we ended up talking until 4 in the morning while our husbands did, well, honestly I have no recollection of what they were doing but I'm sure it was super manly.
The similarities between K and my story are impressive.
We both had some wild days, we were both dealing with infertility, our husbands are both nuts!
So the fact that we now get to share the way we brought our daughters into the family is just another God Wink. There is something so magical about adoption. It's a bond like no other.
To know how long the journey to that child was and how badly they were wanted. To think of what life would be like, for either side, had they not found eachother.
Seeing K with Baby Keelin reminds me of how my heart sang the first time I held my Josie Kathryn.
Instant Love.
J and K have been wanting children since they were married 6 years ago and have tried many different ways to make that dream a reality. And when we brought Josie home, so quickly and easily, it sparked a flame for the idea of adoption in them.
They completed the IMPACT classes last February.
In the past year they had their share of heartache and disappointment.
But by the looks on their faces, I think that's all a distant memory.

Sweet Little Keelin's adoption should be finalized by this Summer.

Just another miracle brought to you courtesy of God himself (with a little help from DFCS).

I will forever wonder why Americans are so quick to run to other countries to save the orphans when we have an overabundance here on our own soil.

If you're thinking about growing your family and are interested in opening your home and heart to adoption, I plead with you to contact your local DFCS office.
I promise, you'll never be the same.