How Sweet It Is

Today was one of the days that I spend the whole year looking forward to.
Last night I barely slept because I was so excited.
This morning my heart raced as we drove to the Speedway.

Yup, it was Sweet Repeats Consignment Sale Day!

Look at all these crazies who got there even earlier then we did! I'm not the only bargain hunter in Henry County!
Josie and JP were equally excited, but I'm pretty sure they had no idea why!

It was about 100 degrees in the sale. And that was at 8:30 AM.
I feel bad for the after work shoppers. It's gonna be insane!

We scored some great deals, but not nearly as much as we did in the Spring.
She didn't need that much and I was specifically looking for jeans and fall dresses, both of which were scarce.

The kids were SO good for the entire 3 hours that we were at the sweatbox, err, I mean sale that I decided they deserved their own Sweet Treat.

There is a new donut shop right by the speedway so we headed on over.

$1.99 later, I was the owner to two very happy toddlers!

Five minutes after that, I was the owner to two sticky, sugared up toddlers!When we got home I made them run laps in the yard and now they are sleeping off their sugar high.

Now that's what I call a Sweet Day!