Flower Project

I had every intention of starting our ABC's and 123 lessons this week.

So how did I wake up yesterday to a Thursday and nothing accomplished?!?!

So I am going to spend some time this weekend getting organized and gathering up some supplies.

I did find my new favorite blog for preschool crafts, No Time For Flashcards, and have already gotten a ton of ideas for Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Yesterday was JP's Mama's (30th) birthday so we decided to make her a present.

I couldn't believe how good the kids followed directions! I guess it goes to show that they need a little structure to their day!

We started off by enjoying some 365 Organic Apple and Peach Sauce. Mmmm, mmmm good! While they were slurping the stuff down I cut out two flower patterns out of felt.Don't be jealous if your flowers aren't as perfectly symmetrical as mine are!
Then I cut out 10 petals from different colored felt.No Time For Flashcards had her kiddo paint the applesauce container, but I have an absurd amount of tissue paper so we tore some of that up and stuffed our containers.Next we glued the container into the center of the flower cutout. The last step was gluing on the petals.
I made them count out their petals and we talked about what color each petal was before they glued it on.They did so great!
Even if Josie decided to rip off all her petals and the container as soon as we were done.
Oh well, it was her art!Skills worked on:
fine motor skills
hand eye coordination


Betsy said...

Adorable project and thanks for the tip on the blog. I am always looking for ideas.